We look forward to capturing memories for you and the loves of your life! Below you will find what to expect and tips for preparing for your photo session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will our session take place?

The price includes a location within 30 miles of Santa Clarita, CA. This can be at your house or a local outdoor space. Occasionally, I will set up my in-home studio for special events. Please inquire for travel fees outside of this area.

What is your turnaround time?

If it's possible, I am just as excited about your images as you are! I limit the number of families I photograph and have spent years learning to create beautiful images straight out of the camera so I can deliver beautiful memories quickly. A private online gallery will be delivered to you in just a few days.

Can we order prints from you?

Yes! Although you are able to print photographs from your digital files at home or through any lab, professional prints are available for purchase through your online gallery and will be delivered straight to your door.

How many digital files are included?

Since each session is different and toddlers are unpredictable, it's not possible to guarantee a certain number of images. Rest assured, we will keep shooting until we've captured what we set out to get.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes! Just double check with me that the location allows dogs. Please bring a leash and treats. If you can bring a helper to look after the dog when he's not in the photos, that would be great!

Do you edit images?

I do basic edits on all of your images. I strive to capture relationships in photographs that look like you! If you are looking for over-processed or over-saturated images, I am not the photographer for you. But I can take care of things like blemishes or bruises easily at no extra cost to you. If you have a special request, just ask.

How can I prepare for my photo shoot?

Families & Kids

Prepare your kids for the photo session by explaining what it's all about ahead of time. Feed your kids before you come and bring snacks and water. Bringing your child's favorite toy or person along will help ease nervousness. We aren't above bribery around here! Little treats or stickers work great as incentives. If a meltdown happens, don't worry! Kids are kids. We will take a break, get a snack, shake it off, and try again. Stay happy and positive and it will rub off on the littles.


Newborn sessions are best around 1-2 weeks old when they are sleepy and bendy. Feed your baby right before our scheduled appointment. If you or other family members are planning to be in the photos, dress in plain clothing - all light or all dark. In some photos, only your hands will be visible while holding the baby. If you like to have your arms covered or your nails done, plan accordingly. Know that newborns are unpredictable so plan on at least a couple of hours with feeding and cuddling breaks.


How is your baby already a senior? I feel you! Senior sessions are a great time to showcase your child's individual style and interests. You are welcome to bring a few outfits and props. Think graduation cap, sports equipment, ballet shoes, school sweatshirt, pets, instruments, etc! In case we are not near a good place to change clothes, have your senior wear something underneath so they can easily slip one outfit off and put another one on.


All of our family session tips apply to mini-sessions. Since mini-sessions are special events that are sometimes booked back-to-back with time constraints, we will not have time for outfit changes. Before the day of your mini-session, please let Mitzi know what your most important poses are. Maybe you need the kids together for a holiday card or a shot of the whole family to put over the fireplace. We will start with that and add variety as time permits.

What should we wear?

This is the million dollar question! My rule of thumb is to be consistent in shades but not matchy-matchy. Decide if you are going for light and airy, bright and colorful, or dark and formal, then have everyone dress accordingly. You can tell your family, for example, to wear pastels or send them a color palette to choose from that includes three or four colors (this works best for my own annual extended family photos because so may people are involved). Putting the youngest child in a print and then having everyone use colors from that print is a great approach. Layers work great to add depth and variety to your images. When all else fails, browse the galleries here or look on Pinterest.